I have been a professional advisor to Stephanie Cowan and her team at "Change For Our Children" (formerly "Education for Change" ) for the past ten years. This is one of the most effective and accountable organisations I have come across. The team achieves through careful planning, impeccable ethics, sophisticated systems and accurate reporting. I commend this organisation to any potential funder or stakeholder, you will be thrilled to be associated with "Change For Our Children" and the positive changes they achieve.

- Cam Brinsdon, Director Talent Finders Ltd

Plunket has been pleased to participate in, utilise, and support the well-designed initiatives of Stephanie Cowan's Education for Change programme (now Change for our Children). The initiatives promoting sleep safety for children and smokefree environments have been carefully crafted to be inclusive, strengths-based and give clear messages based on best practice information. The promotions team model the presentation of information and messages in a way that is absolutely congruent with the approach practitioners could use with families - demonstrating respect and utilising adult learning principles. The focus of Education for Change initiatives has always been to make a positive change for children, and to support families through that process. This is very similar to Plunket's vision for New Zealand children. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephanie and her programme team - they are passionate, committed, focused on their goal and demonstrate high integrity. This makes us keen to continue working together as partners to achieve our shared aims.

- Angela Baldwin, General Manager, Quality and Development, RNZ Plunket Society

"Stephanie Cowan's Education for Change programme (now Change for our Children) is innovative and highly motivational. Stephanie's focus is on improving the health and welfare of children and adults, and inspiring people to make positive changes. I hold her efforts in very high regard."

- Philip Pattemore, Associate Professor of Paediatrics, University of Otago, Christchurch

The New Zealand College of Midwives (NZCOM) is the professional organisation and recognised 'voice' for midwives in New Zealand. NZCOM sets and actively promotes high standards for midwifery practice and assists midwives to meet these standards through involvement in midwifery education. The College works in partnership with Maori membership, as well as encouraging consumer membership and involvement. 

The New Zealand College of Midwives has worked in partnership with Change for our Children (formerly Education for Change) to provide education about smoking cessation during pregnancy to midwives. These workshops have been a very successful way of influencing and supporting smoking cessation for pregnant women and have increased the uptake of smoking cessation programmes by women and their families during pregnancy.

Change for our Children provides a responsive and innovative learning environment which supports and fosters the learning experiences for participants. They promote confidence and build on the strengths of the individuals with a focus on finding solutions and using positive language and feedback.

Their vision of strengthening a culture of respect for children across society is timely and will strengthen individuals, families and their communities to promote safe, healthy  and nurturing environments for all children.

- Karen Guilliland, CEO, New Zealand College of Midwives, Christchurch

  "I've worked with Stephanie for a number of years and know her passion for protecting and respecting children and making a real difference in their worlds. Stephanie is a highly creative visionary and in Change for our Children, she is once again leading the way and facilitating the change that's needed to improve the lives of young people everywhere."

- Sue Dwan, Dwan & Associates, Christchurch

"The Totally Smokefree Hawke's Bay District Health Board Project has been supported and encouraged through the visionary work of Education for Change (now Change for our Children). Their leadership in the smokefree field has enabled smokefree change which has been focused and strategic. Their principles of practice are highly ethical. They demonstrate a true passion and commitment to enable smokefree change towards reducing inequalities and improving the lives of those most vulnerable in our society."

- Carleine Receveur, Smokefree Coordinator, Hawke's Bay District Health Board