Our People

Stephanie Cowan
BSc (Chemistry), DipTeach., MEd

Stephanie is the founding director of Change for our Children. She has been successful in attracting exceptional people to share the work and her vision over many years.

After more than 20 years being largely funded by contracts with the NZ Ministry of Health, Stephanie has returned to solo practice where innovation is less constrained and possibility entices. The Pepi-Pod sleep space programme is the current embodiment of her efforts. (CV)

Anna Pease
MSc (Health Psychology) MA, PhD

Anna has worked intensively in our Safe Start™ programme from which many of our innovations have developed, and co-authoured several publications with us.

Based in Bristol, UK, with a husband, daughter and shiny new PhD, Anna is collaborating with us in health psychology projects as they arise.








Judith Clarke
BA, (Political Science) Dip. Tourism, MPH

Judith is an e-person! She understands the web and how to make it support us. That is on top of her skills in social marketing, political science, and facilitation. 

Judith loves the borderline chaos of innovation and has recently completed her Masters in Public Health with a thesis examining maternal decision-making in the night-time care of infants.

Sharon Bennett
BHSc (Nursing), BSc (Midwifery) (Hons)

Sharon can and has turned her hand to every role we have and is a highly skilled course facilitator. She has co-led our Safe Start™ programme for protecting infant lives with colleague Judith Clarke, and is currently employed part-time with the NZ Heart Foundation.

Sharon is establishing her own organisation for facilitating behaviour change - 'Change Talk'.