Our Philosophies

Our core belief: everything matters

This is a core belief that underpins our relationships and work. What we do or do not do, feel or do not feel, think or do not think, know or do not know - it all matters. This belief is the essence of 'sensing' so pivotal to innovation, of noticing the detail, the side show, the distraction, the seemingly insignificant. It is the essence of care.

Our Professional Values: build on strengths, focus on solutions, take responsibility

These three values focus our professional efforts on appreciating, finding hope and being accountable for achieving results. They support us in deciding the projects to develop, the results to expect and the relationships in which to invest.

Our Business Values: simple, focus, less

We have experienced the 'complexity ceiling' in our organisation, a consequence of rapid growth from early success. We now understand the organisational importance of  choosing simple over complex, staying focused on what we do best, and doing less in order to be more effective.

These three simple principles simple, focus, less are in our every day talk and keep us growing and learning and energised. They support us to stop doing some things and to look for efficiencies at every turn, keeping us lean, looking ahead and agile as a company.