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We design flying machines. Our projects are ways to see the bigger picture and take action to improve it. While that action may be small, when linked with the actions of many others, it becomes a force for change. This page is for those working with us on the projects below.
Safe Hands - Education to promote responsible and sober adults in providing infant care.

This project focus is responding to the issue of intoxicated  (drunk or stoned) parents ultimately  being responsible for the harm (and death) of their babies. This approach is designed to support safe sleep champions and their colleagues to have a "different" key conversation with families that support infant protection.

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Safe to Breathe - Support for parents. 

This presentation is to support parents of babies in their first year of life with skills and knowledge to protect their babies from accidental suffocation.

"Do you know how babies breathe, and what might stop them breathing? What about how a baby's need for protection changes as they grow? And how often do you do safety checks on your baby's sleep space? To find out the answers to these questions and more, click here to link to the brief 10 minute "Safe to Breathe" presentation.

Safe Sleep in Early Childhood Education (ECE) Settings 

This project is pursuing a vision of 'every sleep a safe sleep for babies away from home'. We are working with ECEs to develop policy and systems that ensure safe sleep awareness and practice where babies are in the care of others. 
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Teen Parent Units - Education to support young parents in pursuing safe sleep for their babies 

This project is focused on reducing the rates of accidental suffocation in their place of sleep for babies born to teenage mothers. The goal is that all younger parents will have the knowledge and skills to sleep their babies safely. 

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Protection for the older baby / 'Bag to sleep' project

This project is a response to the fact that one in five sudden infant deaths are of babies older than 4 months and able to change position. Loose bedding can be a hazard for these babies as they go exploring in the cots. We are working with teen parent groups across the country to trial infant sleep bags as an alternative to 'firm tucking' as a way to protect the older baby when sleeping. 

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'Through the Tubes' education update by grandparents for grandparents

This project mobilises grandparents as champions of safe infant sleep. We are preparing a network of grandparents from across the country to take a lead in spreading safe sleep awareness to their peers. In this way, grandparents can play a stronger role in supporting families and protecting babies. The update is focused on accidental suffocation: how and why it happens and how to prevent it. 

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