'Safe to Breathe' Young Parent Project Materials

"Safe to Breathe" PowerPoint presentation (with voice over)

TPU - Teaching Guide

Notes for "Safe to Breathe" PowerPoint presentation

Talk card- safe use of blankets and infant sleep bags

"Older Baby" materials

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Support for Teen Parent Units 

Education on safe sleep for babies of young parents

Welcome to this programme of support for young parents. This focus is to support young parents in pursuing safe sleep for their babies


What is the issue for babies of young parents?

Facts: In New Zealand, babies of young mother (under 25) are at an increased risk of sudden unexpected  death in infancy (SUDI) 

Response: Change for our Children have been providing safe sleep education and coaching to interested teen parent units and other organisations working with teen parents. This webpage outlines two projects to support these organisations. 

1.'Safe to Breathe' education kit

This project includes a kit of class education materials. Participants receive the following:

  • Teaching guide - outline of a 45 minute class session for teen parents. There are two parts: information update (understanding) and skill practice (doing).

  • "Safe to breathe" presentation - a 10 minute power point presentation of evidence- based essential education for protecting a baby's life. It has been designed for parents of  babies under 12 months of age and  pregnant mothers.  The presentation can be viewed in voice over mode or presented by a staff member with the help of presentation notes. (This make take a few minutes to download).

  • Presentation notes - more detailed information on each slide in the presentation

  • 1 x  sleep bag- for demonstrating safe use of a sleep bag for more mobile babies

  • 1 x merino blanket- for demonstrating safe use of blankets in bassinet or cot

  • 1 x talk card with plastic tube- to support discussions on safe use of sleep bags or blankets and to demonstrate how babies may accidentally suffocate 

2. Older Baby "bag to sleep" project

This project is a response to the fact that one in five sudden infant deaths are of babies older than 4 months and able to change position. Loose bedding can be a hazard for these babies as they go exploring in the cots. We are working with teen parent groups across the country to trial infant sleep bags as an alternative to 'firm tucking' as a way to protect the older baby when sleeping. 

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