Babies sleeping in boxes (Venezuela)  

Difficult times require us to be inventive, like the picture above.



  Safe sleep for babies during Covid-19

How are you, parents of little ones? 

These are tough, tough times, especially for you. This page will offer support for keeping your babies safe when sleeping, during the Covid-19 lockdown.

We will add content as we develop it, starting with these videos, below. 

If you cannot get a Pepi-Pod® sleep space, or a wahakura  ...

... during the Covid lock down, or you  simply want peace of mind or reassurance, these videos, viewed together or one by one,  may support you. Do discuss with your midwife, whanau, or well child professional to be confident, and to check if you can access a sleep space in your region.

This family of short You Tube videos shows how to make a safe sleeping place for your baby with things around the house.

         Playlist - to see all 8 clips at once

  1. Introduction
  2. Container
  3. Mattresses
  4. Covers
  5. Places - couch or sofa
  6. Places - adult bed or mattress
  7. Places - floor
  8. Breathing

Your questions  We welcome your questions,.and we answer them here.

  • Q1. How to clean a Pepi-Pod in the Covid environment   (You Tube Demo)

Safe Sleep Principles

  • Easy to breathe - safe to sleep

This principle is safe sleep for babies, in a nutshell.  It sits behind all the safe sleep health advice and safety messages. The videos above demonstrate how to achieve this using a makeshift sleep space, if one is needed.

  • Sharing what you know - protects more babies

This principle is where your influence as a parent helps the spread of awareness about how babies breathe and how we must protect them. Others are influenced by what you say and do. 

Infant death rates have been falling in New Zealand since 2010. because of parents like you. When you share your knowledge, you help save lives. We at Change for our Children, and all who work to protect our young, appreciate you for that.

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  • This is the Safety Briefing that is included as important support for users of the Pepi-Pod® sleep space