Questions and Answers in Covid Times

Q:  I was wondering about cleaning Pepi-Pod® sleep spaces in the Covid environment?(Raewyn, 30/3/2020)

A: There are three things to remember when cleaning your Pepi-Pod®sleep space and these are the same three things whether in normal times or COVID times. (You Tube Demo)

  1. Soap; use soapy water. The temperature does not matter, but soap does. Soap dissolves the fat layer of the virus making it fall apart.
  2. Scrub: scrub or wipe the sides of the sleep space vigorously. Friction from scrubbing and rubbing also helps to break the outer layer and destroy the virus. 
  3. Dry: be sure to dry your sleep space thoroughly after cleaning to rub off any remaining cells.

If you are using a sleep space at home, in your bubble of people, you do not need to clean this way every day. You do need to clean thoroughly if you pass your sleep space to another baby.

If you are using and reusing Pepi-Pod® sleep spaces in a postnatal facility the same principles apply - Soap - Scrub - Dry..However, you would need to follow the facility's protocol and likely need a hospital strength cleaner instead of soap.