Placing a baby in
the Pepi-Pod® sleep space

(video demo)


'Their First 500 Sleeps'
A comprehensive
programme report
of the first three years

'First Days'

Report on a trial run of a small-sized 
infant sleep space for safer co-sleeping in postnatal facilities
26 January 2016

Are you a distributor of the Pepi-Pod® programme?          

Then here is where you will find materials you need. Distributors must have completed the Distributors' Training Programme (see Programme Materials - May 2018 edition).

For more information about becoming a 
Pepi-Pod® distributing agency, or for information about your local service, contact the Programme Coordinator for your DHB, agency or service. 

(introduced from 15 June 2017) 
  new data record  is replacing the old. All  Pepi-Pod orders dispatched after 15 June 2017, will have a new data form added to each bedding pack. It is the same form for use in both NZ and Australia.

This form will carry the unique ID number for that pod. Please look out for the print version of the form inside bedding packs, and complete this version if one is enclosed. If there is no form enclosed yet, copy a form and use the ID number on the information card as before.

There will be no Feedback Survey  from 1st July 2017

This is the 
MEMO sent to Regional Coordinators on 2nd June 2017 advising on the changes.
NEW ONLINE FORMS   This is where you enter online,  the Distribution and Follow-up information from the paper version of the NEW forms:       

The Distribution Record is for recording information about the distribution of sleep spaces. Wait until a baby is 6-8 weeks before the Follow-up session. Once completed, (or abandoned if unable to contact) then enter information from both forms here online at the same time.  

NEW FORMS TO PRINT   Here is where you can download and print off a paper version of the new form. This may be necessary when wahakura or retrieved pods are distributed, or if you have not had a recent order with forms enclosed.  

This paper version, is a complete record for consent, intervention steps, distribution and follow-up (when baby is 6-8 weeks old).

TRAINING   This is where to find training tools and support resources. (to be updated during 2017)
RESOURCES    The three links below are the full set of programme materials needed to distribute the programme.

A3 print-ready Pepi-Pod® Poster (7MB)  

Link to Safe Start programme of Change for our Children

REGISTRATION PROCESS    Programme Coordinators looking for where to apply to register distributors can use this online Distributor Registration form.
COORDINATION TOOLS    We have developed tools to support those coordinating the programme locally.

 'First Days'is a smallerPepi-Pod® for use in the first days of life. We have just published a Report on a small trial run of its use in postnatal facilities in New Zealand. Relative pod sizes compared here. To enquire or place an order please contact us.
MODERN POD   The Pepi-Pod®  sleep space has undergone a 'windows upgrade'. Windows are a specific feature of the new pod to foster connection and closeness for babies and parents. To find out more ...
LOCAL CONTACT DETAILS   Link here to the contact details of regional coordinators of Pepi-Pod® programmes (being updated).

As of 1st July 2017, the Pepi-Pod® Programme is established,  as an integral part a national health-funded effort to protect the lives of more vulnerable NZ infants. It is establishing similarly in Queensland, Australia.