Resource for parents supplied
in Pepi-Pod packs

Links and resources for Pods for Houston Babies response

Below you will find information that may be useful to you in participating in this response.

Coordination resources (here)

  • For Children at Risk (here)
  • For Harvey Relief Hub (here)
  • For Midwives in the Greater Houston Midwives Alliance (here)
  • For  City of Houston Women, Infants, and Children (here)
  • Letter of support from Professor Ed Mitchell (here)
  • Letter of support for sleep spaces from the NZ Minister of Health (here)
  • NZ Media Statement (here)
  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Compliance (here)

Education Resources

  • Picture Card and message for Houston parents (here)
  • Box insert with distribution information in each carton of five pods (here)
  • Safety Briefing page for parents (here)
  • Link to 'safety briefing' card for discussing safe use of pods with parents (here)
  • Link to the full Pepi-Pod Progam on this website (here)
  • Link to Pepi-Pod Program materials for NZ distributors (here)
  • Information card (supplied to NZ parents) (here)
  • Video demo of placing baby Arana in a Pepi-Pod sleep space (here)
  • Community education PowerPoint presentation 'Safe to Breathe' (here

Scientific Evidence

  • Link to research evidence for preventing sleep-related infant deaths (here)