Pepi-Pod® Safety Briefing 

Have you bought, or been given, a  Pepi-Pod® sleep space? Then here is where to find safety information to discuss with a trusted health professional.
Did you know that babies only breathe through their noses?

As well, they have a large and heavy head, a loose jaw joint and a large tongue. Together, these things make babies vulnerable during sleep. Every part of the  Pepi-Pod® package has been designed to consider safety for young babies, as they move through this vulnerable stage of their development. This is a time, when it is possible for babies to block their own airways if they find themselves in certain situations. 

The links below explain the safety features of the Pepi-Pod® sleep space and show how to make it up.

  • view a picture demo (link dwn temprarilt) that explains the safety features and how to make up the pod
  • see this video clip showing placing a baby in a pod
  • read this information card that comes with the pod
Discuss with your health professional

If you have bought your Pepi-Pod® sleep space from The Pepi Shop, through Trade Me, you will receive safety information with it. Please discuss this with a trusted health professional. They will be able to answer any questions you may. Or contact us with your questions.

If you are offered a sleep space as part of a programme, you will receive a full safety briefing from a trained distributor as part of the programme. If you buy one through Trade Me you will receive this summary and be directed here.

Please help spread the education

We hope that everyone who gets a Pepi-Pod® sleep space will help spread the education about what makes babies vulnerable and how to protect them when they sleep. This is an important part of the programme. With your help, more babies can be protected. Thank you for your support in this way. The 'Your Tube' card and tube in each pod pack is to help with this.

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