A 'windows upgrade' for the
 Pepi-Pod® sleep space 


Merino colours draw from NZ nature 
FIRST DAYS' little Pepi-Pod®

 sleep space for birthing facilities 


A baby's viewpoint

The Pepi-Pod® has undergone a 'windows upgrade'. This uniquely New Zealand sleep space has been designed from a baby's point of view, to align with developmental needs for closeness, connection, regulation and safety. Transparency is a key feature for enhancing the growth of trust.

Features of standard pod ('First Months' size)


'Windows' enable babies to open their eyes to familiar faces and places, and parents to see in easily when lying next to their babies.  


The slightly wider pod is to encourage use throughout the period of increased risk for sudden infant death (less than 5 months). Dimensions are 40cmW x 72cmL x15.5cmH. 

Ventilation slits

Ventilation slits cradle the harakeke (flax) symbol and help with moving exhaled gases away from a baby's face.

Day-Night symbols

Sun and moon symbols act as a prompt to turn a baby's head 'in the night towards the right, in the day the other way' to help maintain a rounded head shape. 

Because a baby's skull is soft, flat spots can occur if a baby spends too much time with the head resting on the same part.

Safety information

Daily airing of bedding will expose the safety information that is etched into the base of the pod. This means the safety information always travels with the pod, whoever it may be passed to.

Side markings for positioning of adult bedding

Marks in each side of the pod show where adult pillows should be so that adult bedding does not also cover the baby.

Harakeke symbol

Nature has ingenious ways to nurture and protect its young. The harakeke (flax) protects the seeds of its future in pods and has been the inspiration of this programme.


As with the original pod, portability and low sides are key factors. Parents are supported to have their babies close by when they change their own location, and the low sides make it easy to settle babies and offer comfort and reassurance, with loving touch. Low sides do introduce a potential fall hazard and safety information stresses the essential nature of safe placement of the pod.


The new pod is made from 100% virgin polypropylene, a food grade plastic. It contains no BPA or phthalates. UV stabilisers, similar to sunscreens, have been added to protect against the long-term degradation effects from light, such as cracking. We expect that the new pod will be stronger, last longer and be shared within families more often, as a result.

Mattress: The mattress is made from polyurethane enviro-foam. It contains no CFC (chlorofluorocarbons). It is custom-made to fit the pod which should only be used with the supplied mattress. 

The mattress is covered with moisture resistant Taslan fabric which is 100% polyester that is coated on the underside with a 600 mm water rating (rain is 350 mm) protective clear polyurethane layer.

Sheets: Currently, the sheets are 80/20 cotton/polyester. The bottom 'slip' sheet is reversible (flanellette/poplin) offering babies a warmer/cooler option, and the 'tuck' (top) sheet is attached to the 'slip' sheet at the foot end. This sheet system has been designed to protect against loose covers getting over a baby's face. The pictures sequence below shows how to make up the pod.

Blanket: The blanket is double layer 220gms 100% merino wool. It offers babies warmth without weight. Merino sheep thrive in tough conditions. Their wool is extremely fine and soft, with a high 'warmth to weight' ratio compared to other fibres.  

Merino is an exceptional fibre for its ability to 'breathe'. This means it can absorb and evaporate moisture helping babies manage temperature and comfort in winter and summer. It does not attract dirt or smells and so needs daily airing, but only occasional washing. It is the perfect fibre for babies.

Click the links to learn more about the properties of wool, generally, and merino in particular.

New Zealand made and supported

The new pod is 100% New Zealand made. Most, and soon all, of the bedding items are also New Zealand made. The companies below are supporting us to achieve a self-funded model for sustaining the programme. Their support helps keep the purchase price as low as possible, despite the considerable costs and improvements of this upgrade. 

Current supporting agencies  are:

  • TCI New Zealand Ltd. - manufacture

  • The Merino Company Ltd - merino supply

  • Baby First Ltd - sewing and packing

  • Change for our Children Ltd - coordination

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Now two pod sizes (photo)

  • Small 'First Days' size for use in birthing facilities. (link

It is offered as support for staff in modelling and promoting safe infant sleep for more vulnerable babies in the new born period where no better alternative currently exists. 

As well, it is offered as support for mothers and babies needing to be close enough to each other for loving touch and easy access for breastfeeding at this critical stage

FIRST DAYS HOSPITAL TRIAL information available here

  • Regular 'First months' size  for use in homes (link)

It is sized to accommodate growing babies through a period of developmental vulnerability (their first 5 months) and can be brought into the adult bed.