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The Grandparents Quiz

Research has taught us a lot over recent years. Sudden unexpected death in infancy used to be a mystery, no one knew why babies died whilst they slept. We now know the risk factors and we know how to prevent most deaths.

This quick quiz will give you an indication as to how much you already know about protecting infants as they sleep.

Remember ...share your wisdom and help others to know and understand how to protect our babies too.
1. What position should a baby sleep in?

2. Should baby sleep in the same room as the carer?
3. What is the safest part of the house for a baby to sleep?

4. Identify what places a baby should not sleep?

5. What will harm babies breathing, and make them weak and sick?

6. What will help keep babies strong and healthy?

7. Smoking in pregnancy harms babies

8. It is safe to use patches or gum in pregnancy

9. A baby breathes through its nose for the first few months of life

10. What is the name of the gas that must get through to the lungs?

11. When should a carer do a safe sleep check?

12. When baby is awake tummy time will help prevent a flat head for baby?

13. How can a baby suffocate?

14. How many toys does a baby need in its bed?

15. How can grandparents make a difference to protect sleeping babies?

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