From my earliest beginnings, pursue protection so that I may dream.

Atawhiatia ahau i roto moemoea.

Whaea Terehia Kipa

High Award for Prof Ed Mitchell

SIDS researcher Professor Ed Mitchell was the 2015 recipient of the prestigious Beaven Medal awarded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand.  Here is the link to the Radio NZ interview with Wallace Chapman.
?- 16 Nov 2015 -

Pursue protection so that I may dream

Human babies are designed to need protecting, even when they sleep. Safe Start™ is our programme of support for professionals, parents and the community for protecting our young. 

Below is a list of our education programmes that you will find on our website. May they continue to support your important work.

Sleep Safe, Little One (video) (link) Demo for using a Pepi-Pod® sleep space

Arms-Free Swaddling (link)

First Days (link)

Talk Pillows (link)

In Safe Hands (link)

Through the Tubes (link)  (presentation)

Baby Essentials (link)

Safe to Breathe (link)

It matters where you grow (link)

'Just Imagine' - 11 stories of becoming smokefree in pregnancy (link)

Teen Parents (link)

Early Childhood Education (link)

Safe Sleep Essentials for Child, Youth and Family teams (link)

Protecting the older baby (link)

Baby sleep products (link)

Safe Sleep Star (link)

Issues Forum (link)

Young Essentials (link)  

Tool Kit  (link)