SafesleepstarEM Education Mark 

What is an education mark?

An education mark is a sign or symbol of a standard for the information that appears with it. It identifies the information as coming from a unique source and distinguishes it from that supplied by other sources. The mark endorses the information that appears with the sign, but not the products that may carry the sign.

SafesleepstarEM is the first example of an education mark. The concept was developed by Change for our Children Limited who saw an education opportunity for baby care products to carry essential yet neutral information about safe sleep for babies, in a direct and timely way.

SafesleepstarEM is being made available in New Zealand for manufacturers of infant sleep related products to display on baby beds, mattresses, sheets, blankets or sleep bags so that the essential information that appears with the sign encourages care of babies that aligns with their developmental needs.

Terms and conditions of use

Manufacturers wanting to display the SafesleepstarEM must agree to the following terms and conditions:

use only on the following infant sleep products:  bassinets, cots, mattresses, sheets, blankets, sleep bags
use only where products and associated information are consistent with the international safe sleep recommendations for babies that appear on the mark
use only in accordance with imagery standards for safe sleep for babies (see below)
do not use for financial gain or promote as being an endorsement of your product or company
do not amend any part of the artwork, including wording and imagery

           Imagery standards

           Images of sleeping babies used to promote products must show babies:

    • positioned flat and on their backs (if not being held),
    • with their faces well clear of bedding or other items
    • in settings where they are free from potential hazards such as soft surfaces, nearby pillows, wearing hats (if inside), overbundled, propped, or with toys near their faces
    • in an upright position, if being carried and asleep, and not slumped, crumpled or curved

Change for our Children Limited may withdraw the right to use the safesleepstarEM education mark if these terms and conditions are breached


           I/we have read the terms and conditions above

           I/we understand that sole purpose of the SafeSleepstarEM is educational

           I/we agree to its respectful use and to abide by the above terms and conditions

 Please enter your company information below and click 'Agree & Submit'. We will be in contact to ensure your product meets the above standards and to send you the safesleepstarEM artwork.

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