Tools for Safe Sleep Champions in the 

CYF service

Welcome to the role of Safe Sleep Champion within the Child, Youth and Family Service.
The current focus for preventing sudden infant death is on preventing deaths from accidental suffocation.

To be healthy and survive, babies need sufficient oxygen as they develop in the womb, and sufficient oxygen as they live and sleep, once born. Creating high awareness of this fact and how it translates into care decisions for babies is your work in this role.

As a Safe Sleep Champion, you can expect to receive on-going coaching and support from Change for our Children. Your role is two pronged: to bring this education to your colleagues, carers and families, and to work with your manager to develop systematic action in your service.                         


This page offers tools to support you in your role as Safe Sleep Champion
NB: This 15 minute on-line presentation is recommended as a prerequisite to any training undertaken by Child, Youth and Family. Participants receive a numbered certificate as evidence of their participation.
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