Start to change and your wings will find you. 

Come fly with us

You are tired of the old order, see all the barriers and very few bridges. You want a direct route to improvement and want it soon. Bring us the questions you are asking yourselves. We can help. Go to our Contact page and call or email us.

Designing Change

We have experience in designing strategies for multi-level change. We have designed global strategies for preventing sudden infant death (Project Link™), national strategies for addressing smoking in hospitals (Systems First™), professional strategies for turning knowledge into action (Partners in Change™) and personal strategies for health behaviour change (Smokechange™).

Performance Coaching

We specialize in moving issues from 'too hard' to 'can do'. We advocate 'going beyond the workshop' and 'going beyond the champions' to embedding change into policies and systems. We offer customized coaching and mentoring to support measurable and sustained changes to service delivery and impact.


Our tried and true programmes are available under license. To learn more contact us.