Arana with her parents, safe and close.


(Data Source: Statistics NZ, May 2019)

Infant mortality rates have been falling in New Zealand in recent years, after a decade of little change. 

The drop has been more marked for Maori (27%) than non-Maori (20%) babies. It is clear that the safe sleep efforts of many are making a difference.


Simply safe when sleeping

Many life-protecting innovations are costly, but not this one. The simple little Pepi-Pod® sleep space is holding the safety of thousands of vulnerable infants in New Zealand and infant death rates from preventable causes are falling. 

Many think that these two facts are related, and we may never know for sure. Despite the uncertainty, all district health boards now supply infant sleep spaces to the more vulnerable infants of their regions, using Government funding dedicated for this purpose. 

How to buy Pepi-Pod® sleep spaces

Questions and Answers

We have prepared this two-page 'questions and answers' sheet to support early conversations for any person or agency interested in finding out more about the Pepi-Pod® sleep space programme.

Letter from the NZ Ministry of Health to district health boards supporting the Pepi-Pod Programme (Letter)

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