Children are our relationship with the future.

Do you want to make a difference that lasts?

We believe that when we make a difference in the life of a child we make a difference that lasts. Change for our Children is on a mission to build a strong culture of respect for children that is visible in our country's systems and services, conversations and communities, hearts and homes.

We invite like-minded people from businesses, services, communities and families to join us. If you want to make a difference that lasts let's fly together??.

Our work

We are a social innovation company. We design local solutions for matters of concern to humanity. We imagine the change, design the pathways and take the steps that transform lives. Once established we position successful work for sustainability as an independent social business. To learn more about our approach please click here.

Our Kites

Our innovations are like kites, designed to delight, held tightly by accountable development, take a big picture view and bring benefits to children. To learn more about our innovations please click here.

Our Promise

We design for results. We take the steps and remove whatever is in the way to achieve the change. To hear the stories of those with whom we have worked please click here.


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