First Days Report

First Days pepi-pod sleep space for postnatal facilities

A small sized infant sleep space has been introduced into some postnatal facilities in New Zealand following a trial run to assess usefulness in resolving the 'safe or close' dilemma of unsettled babies in the new-born period sharing beds with their sleeping mothers. It enables babies to be safe and close in the critical first days of life.

A report on the trial describes the experiences of 28 women who used the 'First Days' pod, and 83% said they would like to see it offered to women in that facility. A selection of their comments are listed below.

  • 'Has made a huge difference in a positive way.'
  • 'Useful when babies are unsettled and cluster feeding.'
  • 'This was fantastic to be able to easily reach baby while still mostly in bed after a C-section.' 
  • 'Handy as my baby was very unsettled and slept better being right beside me.'
  • 'I liked that I could be closer to my baby and that I could touch him during the night.'
  • 'Am able to sleep with baby and hear him as he wakes for feeds.'
  • 'When staff are busy, I could easily pick baby up and proceed with breastfeeding.' 
  • 'Removed the fear of him not being safe.'

Trial materials

How to place an order

A limited supply of the First Days pepi-pod sleep space has been brought in from England. Each pod is supplied with an eco-foam mattress (no CFC) with a 100% waterproof cover. Facilities will need to supply their own bedding for the pods. The pods are offered to postnatal facilities on a cost recovery basis and can be ordered using this purchase authority form. Please contact us if you need more information information.