Kites are like innovation. They fly highest against the wind, not with it.


Are you looking for information or transformation?

We do transformation. Our innovations are designed to make a difference in people's lives. How people think makes all the difference to what people do so we see aligning thinking as an essential early part of making change.  Click on the kites and links below to find out more about our various change innovations.

    Pepi-pod® Programme
A safe sleep innovation for more vulnerable babies that started as an emergency response to the Christchurch earthquake of 2011. It is now part of the health landscape for babies across New Zealand and in parts of Australia. 


Safe Start™
An infant survival programme for preventing sudden unexpected death in infancy that has been partly funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Health for over 20 years. For programme materials and information, click here  »

Tender Shoot™
An 'education for 
parenthood'  initiative that we are developing with Canterbury parents and professionals. 

A personalised smokefree pregnancy programme and our first innovation to become independent. 


Systems First™
A systems level innovation for strengthening the capacity of services to deliver results. This approach has been integrated into all our change work as organisational competence is key results.

Partners in Change™
A professional education innovation for developing competence in those who support people through change