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This programme has been approved by the New Zealand Midwifery Council and Breastfeeding Authority for claiming professional continuing education points.

Who is this education for?

It is for everyone - you and your friends, family and colleagues! It is for men and women, young and old, everyone. It will prepare you to influence those around you to be confident about what is essential care for protecting a baby's life. Please bring others to it.

Why track participation?

This work is part of a health-funded programme to prevent sudden unexpected death in New Zealand. We need to be accountable for the responsibility placed in us and ensure the education is reaching far and wide with no place missing out. Thank you for helping us track where this education goes.

Certificate of completion

If you complete the presentation and would like a certificate for your portfolio of personal or professional development, or to claim continuing professional education points, select the 'Get a Certificate' option at the end of the presentation.

  • Baby Friendly Initiative: Baby Essentials (both facilitated and online versions) has been approved by the Breastfeeding Authority as a component of the education requirement of the Baby Friendly Initiative (hospital and community).

Summary Versions in 20 Languages

Awareness travels within social groups and language can block that travel. We offer here summary versions (slides and talk cards) of the 'Baby Essentials' materials translated into the main languages of our multicultural New Zealand society. We hope these help to include all New Zealand families across the generations in education to prevent sudden infant death. 

Select a language and click to open:

 Arabic    Filipino  Korean  Somali
 Chinese Simplified  French     Maori  Spanish
 Cook Island Maori  Hindi  Niuean  Swahili
 English  Italian  Russian  Tokelauan
 Fijian   Japanese  Samoan  Tongan  



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or A5 to print a pdf version of the Talk Card

Language version materials are only available online and may be downloaded or printed as required. We hope these translated materials support professionals working in multi-cultural settings to include family members in their discussions with parents.

Feedback is invited: Click here
to let us know how the translated materials have supported you - as a professional or a family member.

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