'Children do not keep. They are exquisitely sensitive to time.'

Leon Eisenberg

Different thinking gets different results

We are a small team with a strong social conscience and trusted networks.

  • Being a small team keeps us lean, agile, focused.
  • Having people with a strong social conscience fuels our passion and ideas.
  • Trusted networks help us have more influence and reach more people.

Our work is designed to return a measurable and lasting benefit. To be lasting, we believe we need to benefit children. We need you with us to help create a society that protects and respects its young.

Our story

Our story began as the story of our Director, Stephanie Cowan, who, in the 1980s in her home town of Christchurch, responded to the education needs of a community fearful for the lives of its babies. This was a time when sudden unexpected deaths in infancy were at epidemic proportions, largely from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Emerging from the highs and lows of twenty years of learning we are now Change for our Children and unexpectedly find ourselves in the business of social innovation.

Our people

We have attracted exceptional people to this work: smart people, generous people, people who deliver. Click here to find out more about the faces behind our work.

Our philosophy

We believe in people, all people, everywhere. We believe in their capacity to change. To find out more about the principles that underpin our work and relationships, click here.